exeSniper features
Auto purchase
Buy items automatically and faster than any live player
Auto bids
Place bets in automatic mode
Auto sales
Sell items automatically immediately after purchase
Delay settings
Set delays between autobuyer actions
Break settings
Set breaks between the work of the autobuyer
Stop settings
Automatic stop of the autobuyer under the specified conditions
Saving filters
Save search filters for quick use
Mixed filters
Set different search filters for the autobuyer to work
Purchase in bag
Buy items with overflowing unassigned items
Record all your actions
Track your trading statistics
FutBin prices
Instantly get the prices of items with FutBin
Auto search minimum price
Search for the minimum price of an item on the market with one button
Priorities and exceptions
Set additional conditions for the purchase of items
Modified interface
Lists for items from transfers, unassigned, goals, club
Sound notifications
Adjust the sounds during trading events
Telegram notifications
Configure Telegram notifications about trading
Multiple languages
Multiple interface languages