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No refund is provided. Everything has been done on this project so that everyone can fully check the necessity and quality of the product before buying it. In this regard, by paying for this product, you agree that after paying for it, no claims and complaints can be accepted.
Ⅱ. Important information on using the transfer bot
The extension does not work with EA servers in any way. It just clicks on the buttons in the fifi application. In fact, this is the same as putting a friend to draw cards instead of you. This means that it is very difficult to get a ban for using such a bot. However, it is possible to get a ban if you trade for a long time and / or constantly, with small delays, i.e., in a way that a real person cannot trade. EA servers automatically detect this. Thus, in order to protect yourself, it is enough to simply set up trading so that it is at least similar to a real person. Ie, there should be normal breaks in trading (at least half an hour after half an hour of trading, and preferably more), long delays between requests (from two seconds if you leave the extension to trade on a permanent basis, and do not buy any specific card in a short time), etc. Otherwise, you risk getting banned for suspicious activity (and not for a bot, etc., our extension is not visible to Eashnik in any way, they can see your